And the whispers had washed you away.

Sometimes I like to dress grungily, other times girlily and today I decided to dress grannily (I'm pretty sure those are all words...what are you talking about?). I can't just pick one and stick to it or I'd surely go crazy.

Sweater, belt, skirt and loafer - Thrifted
Collar - Gift from my Grandmother
Rings - Ardene and Sears

I can't believe today is Halloween. I don't even care in the slightest and it feels sort of strange. I don't want to grow up. Growing up scares me more than pretty much anything. Speaking of growing up, tomorrow is my birthday. I'm not excited about that much either, but I did get a free birthday cake scented body wash from sephora...
I hope you all have the loveliest Halloween and eat loads and loads of candy. If you don't celebrate Halloween...I still hope you eat loads and loads of candy.

The Horrors are perfect for Halloween. Mostly because of the name. This track is called "You Said" and it's from their newest album titled Skying. I'm a big fan of spindly men in black clothing, what can I say.


Future Starts Slow

I got this leopard print faux fur coat  for my birthday, which is on Tuesday (!!!). It's uber warm and uber lovely. Whever I wear leopard print, all I can think of is Alison Mosshart of the band The Kills. She seems to have an endless supply of leopard print somethings and she just happens to be a total badass.

My brother and I got in a fight over whether faux fur and real fur are the same. He seems to think that if you wear faux fur, you're technically supporting the use of real fur and cruelty to animals. In my opinion, that's not true. I think that with faux fur you get the best of both worlds: It's cruelty free, warm and looks luxurious. What's your opinion on faux/real fur?
Coat - Guess
Blouse, purse, belt, skirt and booties - Thrifted
Rings - H&M, F21, Target

Tomorrow is Halloween! Woop woop. Tonight, I'm carving my pumpkin with my family and I have no idea what design I'm going to use! Anyone have any ideas? My go to is a cat...I think I've done that for the past three years or so. Anyways, I hope everyone's Sunday has been lovely. Sunday is my favourite day of the week. Probably because I do absolutely nothing. Literally. I'm still in my pajamas and I had white cheddar popcorn for lunch.



Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty
Coat - Warehouse
Bag - J. Crew
Belt - Dorothy Perkins
Jeans - Current/Elliott
Collar - Modcloth
Wedges - Steve Madden
Dress - Romwe
Hood - H&M

I don't know if you know this, but I love leopard and it's HUGE this season. It looks lovely on coats, shoes and even jeans. These Current/Elliotts are my favourite. For my birthday, my dad's girlfriend got me the most gorgeous faux fur leopard coat from Guess. I think I'm in love, y'all. I'll show you all in an outfit post soon enough!

kisses! I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. xoxo



Cardigan, dress, shoes and belt - Thrifted
Bow - Dollarstore

I don't think I will ever be able to get over my love of floral dresses. They're just too loveable. I especially adore this one because of it's larger flowers and pastel colours. It was originally a maxi dress (check it out here) and I eventually got tired of it. I decided to chop it into an asymetrical dress, long at the back and shorter in the front, BUT, I accidentally did the opposite. Needless to say I was pretty mad at myself. Luckily, I was able to save it and transform it into it's current state of mini dress-ness.
Also, I'm hair channeling Courtney Love today.

This is my favourite song to dance/flail to (except for every Crystal Castles track).



Inspiration in Pictures

All of these images are from Tumblr. How do I go about crediting them?

Enjoy some Devendra Banhart. I hope you had a lovely day! <3



My dear friend, Ebany gave me this leather skirt, which I adore. It has two shades of dark green and the texture of snakeskin. Speaking of snakeskin, tons of designers/brands featured snakeskin in their F/W 2011 collections. Here a just a few of my favourites:

Prada's oversized snakeskin coats are absolutely gorgeous. I love how they mixed green and beige.

These ChloƩ pumps have just the right amount of pattern making for a very classy example.

Who doesn't love Current/Elliott? I'm always so excited to see what glorious new jeans they cook up each season. These indigo snakeskin printed skinnies are definitely on my wishlist.

Blouse and necklace - Thrifted
Skirt - Gift from a friend
Boots - Rampage
Rings - F21, Target, H&M
Velvet scrunchie - Dollar store

I'm finally able to fit all of my hair into a bun! Until recently, I've had to cover my head with bobby pins, etc. just to stop it from falling down when I tie it up. Also, I think I'm getting better at using my camera, but my photos still aren't that great. I've decided that I need to get an adorable boyfriend who'll take my pictures for me...

Well, I hope you had lovely days, my darlings! Tomorrow is my school's Halloween dance, so I won't be able to do a post. I'll see you on Friday! xoxoxo


Thrift Haul&Styling

Voila, a collection of outfits I styled from some of the items I pick up during last week's thrift outing, as requested by Severine of Clothed Chameleon (check out her blog, her hair is super rad).

Top, belt, skirt, bag and boots-Thrifted

I have been wanting a flowy maxi skirt for quite some time and I finally found this one! I think long skirts are perfect for fall and you can pair virtually anything with a black one!
Dress and Necklace-H&M

Capes like this and this have been popping up everywhere, lately. This cardigan is a warmer, more accessible version. It does get pretty cold up here in the Great White North (Ontario to be exact).

Blondie tee-Thrifted
Knee socks-Ardene
Who doesn't have an obsession with band tees? I certainly do and I was thrilled to find this Blondie tee. Debbie is one of my style icons and I grew up listening to Blondie's Greatest Hits album in my mom's car. 
Collar-Gift from my grandmother
If you read my blog you will have probably noticed my love of velvet by now. Unfortunately, this photo does not capture the purple-ness of the dress, but IT'S PURPLE. Next to black, purple is the perfect colour for velvet, or is it red? Anyways, I love velvet and I definitely gasped when I stumbled upon this baby.
Blouse and skirt-Thrift
I know that a white blouse is a wardrobe staple, but I must admit that this is my first one. I've been searching for the perfect one, okay?
Loafers-Thrifted, Bass
Socks-Dollar store
I can't even explain how long I've been searching for a decent pair of penny loafers, so, you can imagine my excitement when I found these more than decent Bass loafers. They're a dark red-ish colour and they're just marvellous.
Bow clips and velvet scrunchies-Dollar store
Belt and tapestry bag-Thrifted
I'm actually amazed by the quality of the items I find at the dollar store. Have you ever found anything lovely at a dollar store? Let me know with a comment! As I mentioned earlier, VELVET! I don't think I've ever willingly worn a scrunchie, until now. My tapestry bag, which I styled in yesterday's post is a new thrift purchase as well as the belt. 

Oh ya, speaking of job interviews(...), I was SUPPOSED to have one today, but after I got there, I found out that they only hire people 18 and over. Is that not the most ridiculous thing ever? The woman just assumed I was 18. Ya, I was pretty pissed.

The song of the day is Lucifer Sam by Pink Floyd. I hope you all had lovely days. xoxo



My Value Village outing was very successful yesterday. I found a couple of things that I'm pretty  excited about, including my giant cardigan, floral tapestry bag and Bass loafers, which I'm wearing in this outfit.

It was strangely warm and sunny today. This kind of weather in October always makes me feel like we're going to have a really cold winter. I don't know why...

My nail polish is Stroke of Midnight by L'oreal. It reminded me of Life Is Easy In The Moonlight by The Strokes, so I bought it. 

I'm in dire need of new rings. 

The gold bracelet on the top is a gift from my Grandmother. She gave it to me for my 16th birthday after I'd asked her for it as a toddler. 

Cardigan, lace top, belt, shorts, tapestry bag and Bass loafer - Thrifted
Tights - H&M
Leather bracelet - Mom's
Gold bracelet - Gift from my grandmother
Owl ring - F21
Leaf ring - Target

Guess who has a job interview tomorrow? THIS GURL! I'm already imagining the shoes I could buy...or the money I could save for my education...

 Should I do a thrift haul with what I bought yesterday at Value Village? Are you interested to see what I picked up? leave me a comment!