Broken Toy for the Lonely Girls

Today was probably one of the last sunny days we'll have here until the spring. I'm really going to miss it and I have no idea where I'm going to shoot my photos. 

I ventured into one of the many forests near my house today in my flatforms...bad idea. My tights got covered in burrs and other clingy forest things, too.

Velvet is probably one of my favourite fabrics. It's warm, cozy and it looks lovely. I adore the way it reflects light, although, I don't adore the way it attracts dust (and dog hair(and people hair)) like a magnet.

Owl Ring - F21
Toe Ring - Sears
Leaf Ring - Target
Mood Ring - Don't know

I found this skull earring in my old jewellery box. There was only one, but I thought that made it even cooler. I don't know where it's from.

 Velvet Dress and belt - Thrift
Tights - H&M
Flatforms - Gap

These flowers are just the sweetest little things. They're like baby daisies. I'm surprised they're still alive due to mega coldness.

This song just came on and I decided it should be song of the day. Do you love Feist? I think I love her 10x more because she's Canadian. 

I hope you all had a lovely day! 


  1. Beautiful dress and complements!
    Nice photos! <3
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  2. You are so cute! I love your dress, black.. velvet.. perfection! and that earring, LOVE! what a great find... It is way cold here but still sunny.. but for me Winter is coming.. but I am excited.. umm sorry that I started talking about the weather. ^-^
    I love those flatforms. gonna listen to that feist song now..

  3. I do like Feist... but not nearly as much as I lovvve velvet! YOu look awesome and I also love your hair!

  4. beautiful dress! I love velvet- I wish I owned more of it. also, you have spectacular hair!

  5. bah you are my girl crush and that velvet dress is top notch

  6. hallo
    I am interested in the velvet dress
    I could buy it from them.
    I pay what they want.
    I offer 100 to 150 euros for one.
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