Courtney Love/90's Grunge Princess

Courtney Love

I finally decided what I'm going to be for halloween!!! You guessed it. I'm going to be [ginger] Courtney Love/adorable 90's grungey-ness! The majority of the people I've told haven't know who she is, which is shocking to me because I thought she was sort of infamous and stuff...someone even said: "Oh, Courtney Love Hewitt (not naming any names here)?"

I'm going to mess up my hair with as much hairspray etc. as I can, like this. Luckily it's already naturally curly and holds style pretty well. 

I'm planing on searching far and wide for a button up dress with a peter pan collar, preferably a lace one, but a plain one would do.

I love love love how Courtney always seems to have a whole bouquet of flowers in her hair. I'm going to buy a ton of fake flowers from the dollar store and hot glue them to a headband (close enough, right?).

Another key factor is the mary jane shoes. I have a pair of red ones and a pair of grey ones, but ideally I'd like a pair of vintage Doc Marten MJs, like the ones she wore in 1996's The People VS. Larry Flynt.

Alas, I'm lacking a Kurt. Kurtney 4 lyfe. <3


  1. that outfit is definitely very courtney like

  2. I love the idea! Courtney Love had such a great style during the 90s, it's amazing! I really like her and her songs :)

  3. Great find! Am doing a Courtney Love-inspired outfit for a house party next weekend (90s rock vs hip hop) so was super happy to find this post! x


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