Girl Crushing

I have been infatuated with rebellious rocker chicks like Courtney Love (girl crush #1) and Debbie Harry for quite some time now, but the good, modest girl in me can't find the guts to bleach my hair blonde and slap on about a pound of red lipstick a day. Let's leave the bad-assery to them.

In my opinion, redheaded-ness and adorable-ness go hand in hand, which leads me to girl crush #2, ex-Rilo Kiley singer Jenny Lewis. Luckily, red hair has been popping up everywhere including the runways. I've seen girls like Cintia Dicker, Karen Elson and my personal favourite, Johanna Fosselius all over the place lately.

Recently, shorter girls have been taking the industry by storm with my third girl crush, Bambi Northwood-Blyth leading the pack. Honourable mention goes to the oh so charming Edie Campbell, with Pink haired Charlotte Free following closely behind.

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