Keep the Car Running

Today I decided to shoot in my backyard. The weather was actually quite lovely, although it wasn't sunny.

I love the combination of mustard and blue. It's marvellous. Mustard is definitely one of my new favourite colours and it's quite convenient that gingers look great in it!

Awking around with my tree~

It took 13 shots until I finally got this one right. You'd think I'd have my self-timer down pat by now, but, sadly, I don't.

I got these earrings from the thrift store last time I was there. One of my friends told me they look like seashells, another told me they look like wings. I think they look like the sun rising/setting.

Just a few of my current obsessions in one photo: rings, nail polish (it's Revlon's Jaded, FYI) and tea!

Jumper, shoes, belt, skirt and earrings - Thrift
Tights - Tag
Knee highs - Ardene
Red ring - H&M
Gold ring with leaves - Target

When I think of fall-ish music, I think of Canadian artists like Feist, Broken Social Scene and Arcade Fire, so natually that's all I've been listening to lately. I would give almost anything to see Arcade Fire and Feist before I die. I saw BSS last winter after the show had been postponed because of a massive snow storm. They were really awesome and I met Brendan Canning after the show and he was so sweet.

I think I'm going to die of due to lack of thrifting soon if I don't go this weekend. It hads literally been a month and a half since I last visited Value Village. This doesn't happen often.

Enjoy some Arcade Fire! xoxo


  1. Love the sweater, amazing color.
    Arcade Fire - great band

  2. you are too perfect! I cant even handle how similar our interests are. haha! I love your color combo as well, the mustard looks fabulous!! and that song is amazing. and value village, get on that girl.. around Halloween value village gets AMAZING. <3

  3. Lovely blog, you are very pretty and love this vintage style so much!
    Greetings from Chile !

  4. i love your outfit from top to bottom, stunning! adore that jump shot <3

    follow me if you love to, and i'll follow you back :)


  5. I totally agree, mustard and blue are a lovely pair. I totally love the pop of color on your nails, too!

  6. Mustard and blue are great... and I love those days that are not sunny but are somehow perfect...

  7. LOVE the colour of that jumper! And that shade of blue goes perfect with it x


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