My Value Village outing was very successful yesterday. I found a couple of things that I'm pretty  excited about, including my giant cardigan, floral tapestry bag and Bass loafers, which I'm wearing in this outfit.

It was strangely warm and sunny today. This kind of weather in October always makes me feel like we're going to have a really cold winter. I don't know why...

My nail polish is Stroke of Midnight by L'oreal. It reminded me of Life Is Easy In The Moonlight by The Strokes, so I bought it. 

I'm in dire need of new rings. 

The gold bracelet on the top is a gift from my Grandmother. She gave it to me for my 16th birthday after I'd asked her for it as a toddler. 

Cardigan, lace top, belt, shorts, tapestry bag and Bass loafer - Thrifted
Tights - H&M
Leather bracelet - Mom's
Gold bracelet - Gift from my grandmother
Owl ring - F21
Leaf ring - Target

Guess who has a job interview tomorrow? THIS GURL! I'm already imagining the shoes I could buy...or the money I could save for my education...

 Should I do a thrift haul with what I bought yesterday at Value Village? Are you interested to see what I picked up? leave me a comment!



  1. AW. You look so adorable. I LOVE that bracelet - it's so rad that you get jewelry from your grandparents! I totally don't have any family heirlooms and I woudl SO love oneee!

    Good luck at your interview! WOOHOOOOO!


  2. Yay ! Congrats on the interview, and yes, lets see some thrifting photos ! Always fun to see the loot. Your outfit is lovely, you look adorable. That little purse is so cute.

  3. Gorgeous outfit!

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  4. You look great! I love your new bag, great find!
    Good luck on the job interview :) finger crossed for you!
    Life is a romantic poem

  5. love the loafers and the leather bracelet is gorgeous!! reminds me of a vintage belt.

  6. the owl ring is adorable and I lovee your lofers!!

  7. hi!! i saw your blog on lookbook, and i LOVE. IT. seriously. following!!

  8. Super glad you did a haul post, yay! but bummer about your job interview. I think you are just the best ever haha! and that bracelet is AMAZING. WOW. <3

  9. You look so much like Bryce Dallas Howard!


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