My Little Pony Would Be Proud.

Today's post is inspired by My Little Pony and Meadham Kirchoff S/S 2012 since they both involve pastel colours and absolute adorableness. 

I never had any My Little Ponies when I was little, but I thought they were the coolest things on earth. There's something about ponies with massive eyelashes and perfectly coiffed manes that is so charming.

This skirt+sweater combo was my favourite part of the show. I'm dying for a darling sweater like this one and skirts don't get much more incredible than this. The shoes are pretty much the cause of my new obsession with flatforms (flat platforms) and they look so hard to walk in. I thought one of the models was going to do a face plant while I was watching the show (on the internet).

I'm honestly in love with this pastel hair paint. I don't think it's acceptable off the runway though...

Speaking of pastels and rad things, I'd really like a pair of these peach creepers. They're divine!!!

Scarf (worn as a bow), Top and shorts - Thrifted
Socks - Gap
Shoes - Chelsea Crew

Yes, they are Winnie the Pooh shorts.

I got so bored today during class that I decided to draw this creepily scrawny girl. 


  1. so weird!! I was totally planning on doing a meadham kirchhoff post. I loved the spring 2012 collection. very fun look.

  2. you have the cutest blog ever! those shorts are rad

    Check me out!


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