She needs her fur more than we do.

This is my darling, Daisy (she's a cheetah, not a leopard). I got her for Christmas when I was eight and I just can't get rid of her.

Daisies are my favourite kind of flower and in the Summer when I walk home after school, there are daisies that grow by the side of the road and I pick one every day.

My hair was mega voluminous today partly because I decided last night that I would put it in braids while I slept and partly because of the humidity and rain today. I sort of love it. It's also finally starting to grow back/look/be longer. I miss my long hair very much, but it got so boring that I had to chop it all off.

Dress (worn as a top), belt and skirt - Thrift
Tights - H&M
Flatforms - Gap


  1. aww you look adorable! That skirt is super nice.. and your flatforms <3
    tiger tiger tiger.
    I like your hair now, its supah cute!

  2. ur blog is really interesting!

    <3 ur style and ur posts!

    thx for visitin:)


    xx rouli

  3. This outfit is so good. I have been scouring the stores for a skirt like that! Am I living under a rock bc I didn't know Gap had shoes??
    Also, I love that you were listening to Arcade Fire too! I suddenly had the urge to listen to their entire library the other day on my iPod and now I can't stop. :)


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