One of my favourite trends right now is tapestry/carpet type fabrics, particularly of the floral variety.

I saw these floral tapestry shoes on Tumblr and I don't even know what the brand/designer is, but I instantly fell in love with the quirky print and colours. 

Tapestry adds a lot of colour/pattern to an outfit while still managing to not look over the top or gaudy. 

Even lovelier than tapestry shoes are tapestry bags. I especially love this rucksack type of bag with the drawstring. I think it's very geek chic.

*On a sidenote, this is probably one of the cutest Etsy shops I have ever stumbled upon. ToatsMcgoats offers a wide variety of vintage goodies such as bags, boots and coats, including this one. > 

I saw this absolutely darling tapestry and faux fur coat from Miss Patina this morning while I was online window shopping and fell in love. I don't think coats get much more perfect than this.

Last, but not least, I would pretty much die for a tapestry skirt, like the one Steph from TheFashionCitizen has.

Well, I'm going to make peanut butter cookies. Goodnight lovelies. I hope you had a wonderful Saturday.


  1. Love it!


  2. Im kookoo for the floral tapestry at the moment too, when youre finished baking those cookies, come on over and we can watch some spooky movies together ! otherwise you're just teasing me here :) drool.

  3. oh my gosh. yes. I love the tapestry shoes especially have you seen these ones: http://lookbook.nu/look/1897630-DIY-COUCH-BOOTS-disarming-darling
    she made them! ahhh I would love shoes like that. <3

  4. Fashion Citizen is so amazing, and I love tapestry print too. Wearing it in my latest post.

    Goodwill Huntingg

  5. That coat is perfect. You should go buy it and blog about it lots ;)

  6. Ahh, I just felt in love with those shoes! Those patterns are perfect and I'd love to have a dress like that :)

  7. oh my gosh, that tapestry coat is TO DIE FOR. i want i want.

  8. mhmmm. i used to have a tapestry bag in high school when i gained the nickname, "grandma". haha. i love this stuff


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