Thrift Haul&Styling

Voila, a collection of outfits I styled from some of the items I pick up during last week's thrift outing, as requested by Severine of Clothed Chameleon (check out her blog, her hair is super rad).

Top, belt, skirt, bag and boots-Thrifted

I have been wanting a flowy maxi skirt for quite some time and I finally found this one! I think long skirts are perfect for fall and you can pair virtually anything with a black one!
Dress and Necklace-H&M

Capes like this and this have been popping up everywhere, lately. This cardigan is a warmer, more accessible version. It does get pretty cold up here in the Great White North (Ontario to be exact).

Blondie tee-Thrifted
Knee socks-Ardene
Who doesn't have an obsession with band tees? I certainly do and I was thrilled to find this Blondie tee. Debbie is one of my style icons and I grew up listening to Blondie's Greatest Hits album in my mom's car. 
Collar-Gift from my grandmother
If you read my blog you will have probably noticed my love of velvet by now. Unfortunately, this photo does not capture the purple-ness of the dress, but IT'S PURPLE. Next to black, purple is the perfect colour for velvet, or is it red? Anyways, I love velvet and I definitely gasped when I stumbled upon this baby.
Blouse and skirt-Thrift
I know that a white blouse is a wardrobe staple, but I must admit that this is my first one. I've been searching for the perfect one, okay?
Loafers-Thrifted, Bass
Socks-Dollar store
I can't even explain how long I've been searching for a decent pair of penny loafers, so, you can imagine my excitement when I found these more than decent Bass loafers. They're a dark red-ish colour and they're just marvellous.
Bow clips and velvet scrunchies-Dollar store
Belt and tapestry bag-Thrifted
I'm actually amazed by the quality of the items I find at the dollar store. Have you ever found anything lovely at a dollar store? Let me know with a comment! As I mentioned earlier, VELVET! I don't think I've ever willingly worn a scrunchie, until now. My tapestry bag, which I styled in yesterday's post is a new thrift purchase as well as the belt. 

Oh ya, speaking of job interviews(...), I was SUPPOSED to have one today, but after I got there, I found out that they only hire people 18 and over. Is that not the most ridiculous thing ever? The woman just assumed I was 18. Ya, I was pretty pissed.

The song of the day is Lucifer Sam by Pink Floyd. I hope you all had lovely days. xoxo


  1. I love these outfits you've put together, they are all SUPER cute. and I hope you put them all up on lookbooook. ^-^
    I cant get over your velvet (purple, purple!) dress!! and your cute loafers, and the whole outfit with the blondie tee is literally perfect. you are soo the best ever. <3 <3
    p.s. once at a dollar store I found really cute pink socks with little flowers on them! I love the dollar store. yay!

  2. so much thrifted pretties! that velvet purple dress is especially amazing :)

  3. Very nice outfits!!! The first one is my favorite!


  4. I LOVE your black dress! It's beautiful!! xxx

  5. AW YOU ARE THE ABSOLUTE CUTEST. You look like a doll. Like I could shrink you and package you all up and sell you. That sounds creepy. I should stop commenting? Yeah.

    You're adorable!


  6. P.S. Nice blog name! My dog's name's Daisy - awww yeaaahh!

  7. Gasp! Never willingly worn a scrunchie!! Scrunchies are the best. Then again, I'm so 90's I practically pee grunge and mix tapes. I love velvet too, all my sisters had lovely velvet dresses when they were young- dark green is another great color for velvet.

  8. You're pretty cute! <3

  9. I really love this post!!!! These are so great! The cardigan in the 2nd shot and the 3rd outfit are my favourites. Very, very, very cool :)



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