You look like you've been for breakfast at the Heartbreak Hotel.

Still a sucker for layering...and black. This weekend, when I go thrifting, I'm going to try not to buy too much black. It's difficult for me. 

Is wearing bustiers as tops acceptable? I think it is as long as you wear something over or under it. I don't think I could wear it to school without getting kicked out, though...maybe I should give it a try.

It's way too wet outside to go to the forest, so I'm back to my old friend, brick wall.

During the warmer months I miss wearing cardigans a lot. A girl can never have too many massive cardigans. NEVER.

Oh yes! This is the skirt I scalloped last night! It's kind of uneven and stuff but oh well. It's edgy~

Cardigan, leopard blouse, bustier and belt - Thrift
Skirt - Thrift and DIY
Tights - H&M
Wedges - Guess

The title for this post comes from a song by Alex Turner which is on the soundtrack for the movie Submarine (which I've been meaning to watch). Alex wrote and recorded the whole six song soundtrack, too. It's funny because I don't even like Arctic Monkeys but I loooooove Alex Turner alone (and he's newly single). 

I know I've done too many posts with this leopard blouse but I love it so much and I'm sorry. I will try to stop.

Also, I sort of invented soy hot chocolate and now I can't stop drinking it. 

Here's the song. Enjoy! <3


  1. I love this whole look! The skirt/belt combo is gorgeous together.

  2. This is beautiful! Meanwhile, sad you don't like the Arctic Monkeys! Have you tried listening to more than one of their albums? Each one has a rather different sound than the last! Also, Alex was part of a duo with Miles Kane entitled "The Last Shadow Puppets" - very different from the Monkeys,and very beautiful!

  3. Love that body and leopard, great outfit.

    I have my coat on today and I bloody love it although it isnt very warm I'll survive...



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