Little By Little

Poncho and belt - Thrifted
Dress - H&M
Socks - Ardene
Jeffrey Campbell Tardy - Free People

I look super festive today. I think it was the fact that it FINALLY snowed (and promptly melted) that got me all cheery. I love this poncho dearly and I think it's a weird but beautiful trend. I'm also a huge fan of the sweater-y type ponchos like these babies:
from LuLu's
and Romwe

Are you a fan of ponchos/massive carigans?


Feature on Flingly Magazine

I have some exciting news to share! I was recently featured on Flingly.com, a lovely online magazine, in a post about wearing shorts during the winter months (which I adore).
You can check out the feature here!


Get it wrong, get it right

Blouse, belt, skirt and shoes - Thrifted
Tights - H&M
Socks - Ardene
Bag - Canal Street, NYC
Nail Polish - Stormy by Revlon

Today's outfit is a pretty plain one. I mostly just wanted to wear my leopard blouse for the billionth time. I think it's one of the most worm pieces in my wardrobe.
My new nail polish is Stormy by Revlon. It's really grey-ish and I quite like it. 
As far as new URLs go, Severine of Clothed Chameleon and Madeleine of Daria Daria have made some good suggestions (thanks, dolls) and I thought of a dorky one myself. I was thinking tabbyscloset.blogspot.com. I mean, if I were a cat, I would be a tabby cat because they are occasionally orange. Right? Also, this is primarily a fashion blog and it gives you a peek into my closet...right?

Tell me what you think in a comment. 


I see a new URL in my blogfuture...

I've been thinking of changing my URL, but the thing is, I don't know what to change it to! If anyone has any ideas, they're be much appreciated.
I feel like seaofdaisies is so unoriginal and unimaginative. It also has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with what I post. I'm starting to wonder why I chose it. MAN is it hard to think of a good blog title these days.
I want one that mentions my redheaded-ness and such. I'm going to go put my thinking cap on (It's an imaginary thinking cap) and hopefully I'll have thought of one by tomorrow!

Blog Loves:November

I've compiled a list of some of my favourite blogs of the month in no particular order. I'm planning on making this a monthly feature called "Blog Loves."
 Here are the blogs I feel you MUST check out for the month of November:


All Die Young

Sweater, dress and purse - Thrifted
Socks - Ardene
Jeffrey Campbell Tardy - Free People

It's actually warm enough to have bare legs, which is astonishing because it's been about 2 degrees celsius for the past two weeks.
Tonight, I'm celebrating Christmas waaaay early with my mom's side of the family because my Grandma is going away to Florida for the Winter. I'm looking forward to eating food...
 Smith Westerns - Weekend

Well, as always, I hope you have the loveliest of days! <3


Boys Don't Cry

 Today's hairstyle is inspired by Corey Flood from the classic 80's movie, Say Anything. I just love her mess of way auburn hair tucked behind one ear to show off that massive cross earring. 

Blazer, bustier, belt and shorts - Thrifted
Tights - H&M
Flatforms - Gap

I'm in a very 80's mood at the moment and all I want to do is listen to The Cure, who just so happen to be playing three shows at the beacon theatre in New York this weekend. These are the times I wish I could fly/that I mad unlimited cash.
And in other frustrating news, I somehow lost my nail polish remover and I'm stuck with crazily chipped red polish. It's driving me crrrrazy! 
If you haven't noticed yet, I'm a super boring human being, ok.
The Cure - Friday I'm In Love

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Romance To The Grave

Dress and belt - Thrifted
Tights - H&M
Socks - Ardene
Jeffrey Campbell Tardy - Free People

My hair is at that awkward stage of growing out-ness where I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT TO DO WITH IT. I saw this picture of ~insert twin's name here~ Olsen yesterday and thought I could mimic her hairstyle. Turns out my hair is just too fine and it went mega flat. Waah.
Broken Social Scene - Romance to the Grave

Yesterday, I made 12 muffins and there are only 2 left...


You've got a lovely smile.

 I tried to make today's photos extra awkward...

Blouse, belt and skirt - Thrifted
Tights - H&M
Socks - Ardene
Boots - Jeffrey Campbell Tardy from Free People

So, I am in high school. If you've ever been to high school, which I hope you have, you'll know that high school students all look oddly alike. The typical "uniform" at my school is a t-shirt, jeans and uggs (especially the furry ones....why?). I think people are pretty much immune to my craziness and weird dressing-ness and I hope that I inspire people to wear what they want. My Tardys got many reactions. Mostly people love them, but there are still the odd few who think I'm a mental case.
I'm going Christmas shopping tonight! I love Christmas shopping so much and I think it's just a blast. I'm pretty excited. 
I hope you beauties had a wonderful day and I love you!



After approximately two ENTIRE weeks of waiting, my Jeffrey Campbell Tardy in red leather have arrived!!!!! They're seriously at least 10 X cooler than I thought they would be and they fit my feet like a...sock (get it?)! I've already got about a million outfits planned, so I hope you like them...I put together a series of photos I took while opening them! Enjoy!

 Who can resist a pink box featuring adorable fluffy kitties? NOT ME!

The colour is marvellous and I didn't realize that the soles are made of wood! That makes them even cooler. They're also hand made, which is another plus.
I bought them on Free People and the price was the best around. I also got free shipping. Ahhhh! I am in shoe heaven! Check 'em out here if you're interested!

I hope everyone had a great day! <3 

Green eyes, I'd run away with you.

Cardigan, dress and belt - Thrifted
Socks - Ardene
Boots - Rampage
Bracelet - Vintage

I'm definitely not going to get tired of leopard print any time soon. It's so tacky-fabulous. It's my go-to print, next to polka dots.
SPEAKING OF THINGS THAT MAKE THE WORLD GO 'ROUND...!!!!!! I'm going to pick my Jeffrey Campbell Tardys at the post office tonight. I'm going to try to capture my excitement in pictures while I open them and I will post them for your viewing pleasure later tonight. Get ready to see them in  every outfit post for the next 50 years!!!