Darling, your head's not right.

 Blazer, top, belt and skirt - Thrifted
Boots - Rampage
 Blouse - Thrifted
Shorts - Thrifted and DIY
Booties - Rampage

Here are my finished destroyed denim shorts. They didn't quite turn out how I hoped, but it was good practice. I left the one side in the bleach for waaaaay too long. What do you think?

We're finally getting into the awful weather, hence my weird mess of wavy-ish hair. I heard a rumour that it's going to snow on Friday. Ugh.
My friend is having a birthday party tonight and we're going bowling. I suck at bowling woooo! It's actually kind of funny how awful I am.

The Strokes - Someday

I can't believe it's already Wednesday. Enjoy your evenings! 


  1. those shorts turned out really nice! didn't even know they were diy until I read they were- nice job :)

  2. Oh the shorts look wonderful darling! So beautiful and unique! Love it! And the jacket in the first photos - such a beautiful tone of khaki!


  3. i go crazy over polkadots! love that first look and your shorts came out crazy good! i love them!

  4. I'm in love with that first outfit! I love the skirt and well, everything else! It's perfect :D

    And those shorts came out great! I need to do a few DIY too!

  5. the shorts look great! I love the purple and pale pink!

    i love the first outfit, too.

    i suck at bowling, i can't hit the pins without the bumpers up! i was reading a story the other day where some people met an alien at the bowling alley, i wonder if it will happen to you! keep an eye out for someone with too many fingers!!!


  6. I love both outfits! The first outfit, the jacket is such a great color and I love the polka dots :) For the second outfit, your shorts look amazing!

  7. both outfits look great :) but i prefer the p.dots one..

  8. Love anything polka dotted, those DIY shorts are wicked !!! I'd buy them ! x

  9. Both looks are great! You look awesome!

    There's a giveaway in my blog!!

  10. I love your DIY shorts, they came out great ! Your first look is so chic and classic. Hope you have fun bowling dearest ! xo

  11. haha yeah, leaving them in the bleach too long will eat them up! But pretty damn good for a first run!

  12. I think those denim shorts look incredible! So unique. They could be designer. I think your little 'mess-up' made them better.

    Goodwill Huntingg

  13. Fab... as always!


  14. Those shorts are freaking awesome. The colours are just perfect!

  15. You are so cute! Wavy hair is awesome too, so work it!


Thank you for your wonderful comments! I appreciate them and they make me smile!