I see a new URL in my blogfuture...

I've been thinking of changing my URL, but the thing is, I don't know what to change it to! If anyone has any ideas, they're be much appreciated.
I feel like seaofdaisies is so unoriginal and unimaginative. It also has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with what I post. I'm starting to wonder why I chose it. MAN is it hard to think of a good blog title these days.
I want one that mentions my redheaded-ness and such. I'm going to go put my thinking cap on (It's an imaginary thinking cap) and hopefully I'll have thought of one by tomorrow!


  1. Hmm, you remind me of strawberries & cream ! sweet and addictive. That would be a long blog title though :) I didn't know you could change your blog title without having to get a whole new blog altogether..I actually like your name though. Let me see, for names I think of..

    Fire & Ice

    Strawberries & Cream (your hair and lovely skin tone)-with a strawberry dipped in cream image for a blog title

    Crème Fraîche (fresh cream in French ! could also be a pun on "fresh" fashion or something..)

    You could also take a photo with a daisy in water, play around with colors in photoshop, change your blog title image, that might satisfy your need for change :) Cause your title is lovely !


  2. i thought about mine for ages and ages. it used to be called "die melange". i think there's three criteria, that you should think of:
    1. it has to be short and easy to memorize
    2. it has to be unique, so if someone googles you, you'll be one of the few witht hat name
    3. it has to be timeless


  3. ginger dreams? gold and ginger? I love the word ginger and if you want to incorporate your hair it'd be the perfect word ! x


Thank you for your wonderful comments! I appreciate them and they make me smile!