Wish You Were Here

The top is actually a purple velvet dress. Unfortunately neither the purple, nor the texture of the velvet turn out very well on my camera.

Dress(worn as a top), skirt and belt - Thrifted
Flatforms - Gap
Rings - Sears, Vintage, Ardene
Hat - Dollar Store

This hat makes me feel like it's not as cold outside as it really is. I'm pretending it's gorgeous and sunny and such.
This is my version of the sheer skirts like this and this that I've been seeing everywhere. The floral pattern is gorgeous and I love the bottom edge. It's actually part of a skirt suit, but I decided to bypass the top part...
In my last post I mentioned a super rad velvet/batwing H&M dress that I was going to purchase, BUT, when I went to the store they only had one left in a size 2, which I am not. Turns out that all of the girls that work there snatched them up before I could get my hands on one. Luckily, they're getting more stock soon. Needless to say I was pretty disappointed.
Here is a classic Pink Floyd song (aren't they all classics?). The track is "Wish You Were Here." It's definitely one of my favourites along with "Us and Them" and "Lucifer Sam." Pink Floyd are my ultimate relaxation band.

I hope you all had lovely weekends~xoxo


  1. Every time H&M has something cool, then they've sold out of it in like hours of them putting it out, nuts ! I love the velvet dress, the purple color, so pretty. And those platforms are lovely ! Is that a mood ring i see on your forefinger ? matches those sweet nails. xo

  2. I really like the skirt, so Virgin Suicide`ish...


  3. Your skirt is so pretty! Lovely outfit :)

  4. (No need to say thank you dear, you just looked gorgeous! :) )

    It's a shame we can't see the texture and color of that top/dress properly! I bet it is really pretty!

  5. I just found your blog yesterday evening, and I am ridiculously in love with it. I've loved every single outfit of yours that I've seen, and I've always kind of wanted red hair, too :) But this skirt is amazing! Such a good find.

  6. I'm loving your maxi skirt very much!! I also love how you turn your velvet dress into a top.
    Omg! I know! Those girls who work at retail store snatch all the cute items before they even arrive at customers' hands. I hope you could get that dress when they get more stocks.

    Pose Posh Post

  7. Adore your skir, the lace looks beautiful!

  8. You are, quite possibly, my favourite looking person.

  9. Gorgeous! The purple velvet sounds lovely ^^

  10. love the lace skirt and the purple velvet dress. i am obsessed with velvet, but, yes, it isnt the easiest thing to photograph.



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