Bad Hair Day/Embarrassing Hat Collection

Skirt and belt - Thrifted
Top and red ring - H&M
Hat - Made by my Grandmother
Bracelet - Cuba
Rings - Vintage, Target and F21
Jeffrey Campbell Tardy - Free People

My family has an unreasonable number of hats, most of which are weird and extremely embarrassing...here are a few of my all time favourites:

Apparently, this one isn't unwearable enough, because I wore it last week with my leopard print coat. I got a lot of comments and I've ultimately decided that I should probably never wear it again.
I can't even explain how awkward this one is with words. It has these floppy pom-pom bits on the top and on either side. My favourite feature, though has got to be the two skinny little strings...
My brother actually just mentioned to me how creepy this one is. I think it's a mixture of an owl and  a kangaroo or something.

Today was an icky, rainy day for me, hence the bad hair day thing.

 How was your day?


  1. how do you like your tardy? i have lita, damsel, warrant, and thelma, and i want to get tardy next!

  2. I look kooky hats!!! The last one is pretty neat:) I say, wear 'em if you like 'em.

  3. I really love your black dress. Beautiful look and pictures.


  4. I love your rings! The last hat is really adorable though ;)

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  5. Such a great collection! :D Facebook Twitter

  6. Your hats are awesome. I love the owl hat and your rings.

  7. That is one lovely skirt. I am so into the witchy gothic look right now, I am considering wearing just black the rest of this winter, be all emo and depressed and scary. Those hats are too much ! I think I like the kangaroo/owl mix one, his big eyes staring out at you. Your hair is cute this way by the way, all curly and crimped !

  8. I love the skirt! the owl hat is also really cool! I saw someone in a knitted monkey hat on a train a while back, i was sitting behind them and it totally looked like a wool monkey was sitting there! I think i had a pic, will have to find it.


  9. The owl hat is so cute! And I love your outfit today, that skirt is amazing and you wear it so well :) I also like your rings and your black nails...I tried colouring my nails days ago but I seemed like a punk -_- guess it doesn't work for me.
    Life is a romantic poem

  10. I LOVE YOUR RINGS!!! Especially the owl one :3
    Also, that skirt is amazing. Very gothic-romantic fairy tale.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for taking the time to leave such a sweet comment.


  11. I love all your rings! You are so gorgeous!


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