Easy Tiger//Menswear

Wearing: blouse and cardigan-thrifted; pants-H&M; JC Tardy-Free People; rings- gift, Sears, vintage, Aldo, mom's; ankh necklace-gift

I haven't worn my H&M cropped trousers in a while, so, I decided that today was the day. I think they look pretty cool with the JC Tardy. I like how the lace blouse and heels balance out the manly-ness of the trousers and oversized grandpa cardigan.
Tomorrow, my friend Ebany and I are going to Value Village! I am going to document our thrifting expedition and hopefully show you the pictures in my next post. I've been contemplating doing some sort of a thrift haul video type thing, but, the only thing is that the only video camera I have access to is my webcam...would anyone watch it? Let me know with a comment! 

Happy Thursday, Lovelies!


  1. Omg, how cool are you?!
    Just found you on chictopia!
    Love this blog, Im now a follower :)
    Would love for you to check out mine too:


    Erika x

  2. You put together the coolest outfits. I love those trousers with the boots.

  3. Lovely outfit
    Yes, do one, I will watch for sure :)

  4. Would definitely watch!

  5. I love your take on menswear - especially with those killer shoes. The nail polish adds a sparkle to the already beautiful attire.

    Thrift haul video - yes!

    sending you happy spells


  6. in love with your shoes!
    Krissy xoxo

  7. I love your cozy oversized sweater and the lace top you paired it with. I would love to watch a video you make!

  8. The cropped pants with your shoes look especially good :)

  9. Yes, the outfit has nice balance. The shoes are amazing and your jewelry is eye-catching.

    I'd love to see a video not only for your thrifting-finds but also to hear your accent!

  10. I love those shoes and the little ankh! You look wonderful :)

  11. oh i love your style. AMAZING!!!
    thans for stopping by my blog. i follow you now and will be happy if you do the same ;)


  12. These are my lust shoes!!! I love them, thanks for the comment allowing me to find your blog sweet.. Clothes look good on youuu :) xxx

  13. Gorgeous! I love your cropped trousers; I'm not usually such a fan of trousers (as opposed to skirts, dresses, etc) but I really like yours. And your lace blouse is seriously so awesome (and it's vintage too, which somehow just makes it better). You look amazing, as always :)

  14. I would like your shoes, please. Thank you for following my tumblr, I am now also following you :)
    Have a nice day! xx

  15. Crazy question (or not...you tell me...) are the Tary's comfy?? Like for everyday wear? I want a pair SO BAD but I don't want to end up crippled because I wore them to work.
    ALSO...this outfit is, as usual, killin' in. You have such great style.

  16. God, I wish I had a friend to go to thrift stores with (I always end up dragging mine in somewhat against their will). You should definitely do a video on it! I filmed all of mine with a webcam until I got a camera with video on it, and people still watched it. :) But I would love to watch it!

    God, I love all of your rings!

  17. the shoes are amazing.. Love this look!

  18. gosh, you really are just stunningly beautiful. bwah. I really like this outfit, (duh what do I not like that comes from you?!?!) the trousers & heel combo is always nice, and your blouse is suuuuper cuuuute. <3

  19. They ARE awesome and when I found the under the christmas tree I was going crazy! But oh my god, you are stunning! Love your style and those Tardyyyyyys, I think about getting them but they're so expensive :/

  20. QUINN this outfit is so perfect. I need to locate those pants for myself asap!!! xxx


  21. I love all of your jewelery!

    xo Jennifer



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