Introducing: Peek Brooklyn

As an avid online shopper, I come across many different boutiques and shops, the majority of which being quite similar to one another, but, every once in a while I discover a gem, so to speak. Today I'd like to introduce one of those gems; enter Peek Brooklyn. What is Peek Brooklyn you may ask? Well, who better to tell you than Cristina Casciano King, the owner of the shop! She was kind enough to answer a few question for me:

Who are you and where are you from?

My name is Cristina Casciano King and I am a hosiery collector that has over 500 pairs of tights, and the obsession with finding the coolest tights turned into a business, since there is really no place in the USA to find the same cool tights you can find in Europe.

What is Peek Brooklyn?

PeekBrooklyn.com is an online destination for all things hosiery!! We stock some of the best European brands in all the current hottest trends as well as a few brands that are hard to find here, in the states.

When and why did you start Peek Brooklyn and where did the name come from?

We opened in September of 2011 and the name came from my sister noticing how certain tights have hidden patterns that Peek out...

What are some of the current trends in legwear?

Lady like, thanks to Kate Middleton, nude nylons. Lace and faux suspenders (garter tights).

Thank you Cristina! 

You can check out my picks from this post here, here and here and like Peek Brooklyn on Facebook here to stay updated. I hope everyone enjoyed this interview. I'd like to do more in the future to share some of my favourite online shops with you!


  1. Wow great interview! looks really interesting! i'll def check out her shop!


  2. ahh those bone tightss ahhh i wannnt themmmm in my liiife

  3. very interesting!


  4. Omg, THANK YOU! FOR SHARING THIS. I loooove tights so much, I also would love to have my own tights/sock store one day, so this is awesome!

  5. Love the last tight!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog!

    x Romi


  6. Thanks for sharing...These tights rock ;)


  7. You guys are so sweet! Thanks for the great write up...xoxo Cristina


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