Badass Accessories at Deandri

As some of you may know, I am a sucker for things with an edgy vibe, especially when those things involve studs and leather. Enter Deandri, an LA based online shop with wickedly cool and unique accessories like floral and studded harnesses (for both your body and your shoes) and floral shoe clips. Check out some of my favourites below:

 Spike Strap Harness-For your leg, neck or even your shoulder

The wicked heels used to display these products are also Deandri and are handmade in Los Angeles (luckily, they're newly available here on Solestruck).

Let me know what you think about these unusual accessories in a comment below!


My Daily Beauty Routine

 I've seen a lot of other girls do posts about their beauty routines, so I thought I'd show everyone my makeup and beauty essentials. I like to keep it natural and minimal most of the time and my motto when it comes to makeup is generally that "less is more."

1. Tarte palette in femme naturale
2. Physician's Formula loose powder in translucent light
3. Multivitamin
4. Maybelline Great Lash mascara in clear
5. Forever 21 lipstick in red
6. Blistex regular chapstick
7. Flaxseed oil



Wearing: dress-Katie; flatforms-Gap; collar tips-thrifted; rings-Ardene and Aldo; earrings-my grandma

Holy moly it was hot here, today! I decided minimalism (inspired by Alexander Wang) was the way to go this morning while I was getting dressed.


Rainy Dayz

Wearing: dress, jacket, shoes, bracelet and necklace-thrifted; hat-H&M; rings-Ardene and vintage


Obsession: Tropical Vibes

1. Altuzarra
2. matalan.co.uk
3. Topshop
4. Jeffrey Campbell
5. American Apparel
6. Proenza Schouler
7. Mango
8. River Island
9. Juicy Couture


Magick//Milanoo Review

Wearing: top, belt and skirt-thrifted; wedges-C/O Milanoo; hat-H&M; necklace-gift; bracelet-Mom's; rings-Aldo & C/O OASAP

I was lucky enough to have been sent another gift from the lovely people at Milanoo. I chose these ankle strap wedges and decided to do a quick video review of them, too! I seriously love these shoes. I am not kidding you. They are surprisingly comfortable and easy to walk in! Enjoy!


Platform Appreciation

Wearing: shirt, belt and sandals-thrifted; pants-H&M; sunglasses-Pure by Alfred Sung; bag-Canal Street in NYC

I have been super duper busy these past few weeks, but soon enough I'll be done high school and I'll have a bit more time to post! I miss my bloggy! Also, I totally freaked out yesterday when I got a message on Tumblr from Nereida (coolest name ever), who came to my blog looking for inspiration on how to wear a pair of platform sandals she picked up at a thrift store!! Platforms are a must have in my daily life! I can't express how much I love them with words...anyway, I thought that was pretty cool.



Wearing: top and boots-thrifted; shorts-thrifted&DIY; sunglasses-Pure by Alfred Sung; bag&necklace-gifts; cat ring-C/O OASAP

Today I went on a field trip (my last field trip ever) to the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) in Toronto to see the Picasso exhibit! It was AMAZING and so much fun. Afterwards, we went to the Eaton Centre and for those of you who aren't from Toronto or the surrounding area, it's a giant indoor mall...with a Zara and Topshop....


Tea Time

Wearing: dress, belt and necklace-thrifted; shoes-Gap; sunnies-Pure by Alfred Sung

This dress makes me feel like I'm going to a tea party or something in a park with lots of flowers in the spring. It's a lovely feeling.
I have two recent features! One is a short interview on Little Miss Twiggy and the other is also and interview in an online magazine called Uncultured! Check them out if you have the time!


Blog Love: The Siren of Mod

A little while ago I stumbled upon a lovely blog called The Siren of Mod, which quickly became a new favourite of mine. the Siren of Mod is run by California girl, Selena, who has a knack for mixing prints and piling on edgy accessories (who doesn't love accessory overload?). I'm obsessed with her effortlessly cool look and, of course, her colourful hair! I was lucky enough to have her answer a few quick questions for me! Read on for more...

1. How old are you? Where are you from? Do you have any hobbies besides fashion? Tell me a bit about yourself!

I am 27, and I was born and raised in San Diego. I've lived in SD county my entire life with the exception of the three years I left after high school to attend college in Santa Barbara. I came back and finished college here, and haven't thought about moving out of the area again until somewhat recently (seeking to be an LA resident someday soon). I don't have very many hobbies, so of the few that I do have, I'm very absorbed in them. I love to cook and learn new recipes, I collect mid-century antiques and thrift like CRAZY (obvious?) and spend quite a bit of time at the beach. I'm not much of a drinker (anymore! ha) so pretty much all of my free time that I have goes to those things.

2. How did you first become interested in fashion blogging and just fashion in general?

As are most people interested in fashion, I've been focused on it from a pretty young age. In particular, I've been thrifting since sometime in middle school when I realized that the clothes I wanted to wear couldn't be found at Contempo Casuals. The first fashion blog I became enamored with was The Haute Pursuit sometime back in 2008, I believe?

3. Who are a few of your favourite style bloggers? Who do you think deserves more attention?
I don't follow THP very much anymore. In the last year I've become an ardent follower of Vintage Virgin, Jean Greige, Shevah, Lightdrivesmysoul and Beneath the Glass. And even in the last few months or so, I am finding more and more incredibly stylish and charming bloggers that have been added to my favorites. ;) I think that Isabel of I Fly A Starship is definitely worthy of more attention. I wouldn't be surprised if she blows up.

4. What are some of your favourite trends, currently?

My favorite trends aren't so much "trendy" as they are more nonconformist, but are common within a certain group/style. For example: the 90's for one, chelsea boots, overalls, bindis, Easter egg-colored lipstick (that Limecrime shit is the shit), afghan necklaces and tie-dye/bleached/dip-dyed everything. Oh and velvet. I can't quite get across what about them appeals to me by listing them all out because it's much more about how it's worn that attracts me.

5. Who are your style icons?

Style icons - that's a hard one because there are SO many and I'm all over the map. If I had to pick a few: Robert Plant, Janis Joplin, Joan Jett, Johnny Rotten, Gwen Stefani (only from her early No Doubt days) and Patti Smith. They're all musicians and yes, sometimes I wanna dress like the boys do. 

Thanks again, Selena! Don't forget to check out The Siren of Mod!


The Birth of Venus

Wearing: top, dress, shoes and earrings-thrifted; necklace-gift; silver leaf ring-Aldo; gold leaf ring-Target; flower ring-C/O Miss Iny; bracelet-vintage

I've kind of got an accessory overload thing going on today...also, my hair reminds me of the Sandro Boiticelli painting, The Birth of Venus...hence the title.


Back to grunge

Wearing: top-thrifted by my grandma; shorts-Thrifted & DIY; belt, shoes and ring-thrifted; sunnies-Pure by Alfred Sung

My life has been lacking in grunge lately, so I put this outfit together. I think it embodies my personal style quite thoroughly: floral, sheerness, denim, platforms and creepy jewelry. Check out my last post for a tutorial on today's hairstyle here. Also, I apologize for how often I wear these dang shorts, especially because they're waaaaay shorter than they should be...


Adventures in Hairstyling: The Braided Chignon

I was so proud of my successful execution of this hairstyle I discovered on Pinterest, called the braided chignon, that I had to share it with the world. I'm generally quite a failure when it comes to hairstyling, which is why I tend to stick to what I know (words like boring, flat, straight, etc. come to mind), but this hairstyle is mega simple. I think it's a cute, casual updo for everyday and I love that it's a bit messy and imperfect. Here's the tutorial if you'd like to give it a try!