Adventures in Hairstyling: The Braided Chignon

I was so proud of my successful execution of this hairstyle I discovered on Pinterest, called the braided chignon, that I had to share it with the world. I'm generally quite a failure when it comes to hairstyling, which is why I tend to stick to what I know (words like boring, flat, straight, etc. come to mind), but this hairstyle is mega simple. I think it's a cute, casual updo for everyday and I love that it's a bit messy and imperfect. Here's the tutorial if you'd like to give it a try!


  1. Very pretty! Can't wait for my hair to be long enough to try it out :)

  2. I love this hairstyle! So cute and a great way to keep bangs out of my face! ahaha

    I'm your newest follower, hope to be followed back! Thanks for commenting on my blog :)


  3. this looks gorgeous, I need to try it! I'm terrible at doing things with my hair too.. x

  4. YES! So gorgeous! I really need to learn to do more with my hair too! Having had short hair for most of my life I never learned to do anything with it, now that's it's longer I just kinda let it hang out...you've inspired me to try something new!


  5. so pretty, it looks so nice on you! and I get the feeling, perfecting a new hairstyle (no matter how simple) is so great. Sometimes hairstyles are hard if your hair is too short, too thick, or too long. You pulled this off so well though!


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