My Daily Beauty Routine

 I've seen a lot of other girls do posts about their beauty routines, so I thought I'd show everyone my makeup and beauty essentials. I like to keep it natural and minimal most of the time and my motto when it comes to makeup is generally that "less is more."

1. Tarte palette in femme naturale
2. Physician's Formula loose powder in translucent light
3. Multivitamin
4. Maybelline Great Lash mascara in clear
5. Forever 21 lipstick in red
6. Blistex regular chapstick
7. Flaxseed oil


  1. I need to start stocking up on vitamins lol!

  2. agree with the above comment, i really need to start taking some vitamins too!
    mantenso xx

  3. vitamins are essential, thanks for sharing your routine


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