Wearing: sunglasses, shirt, jeans and sandals-thrifted; top-C/O Late Manta


Wedge Sneakers: 3 Different Ways

I don't know how, why or when it happened, but I've fallen in love with wedge sneakers. I think they're super super ugly, but at the same time I think they're amazing. They're unusual and oddly wearable, so I decided to try styling them 3 different ways...

 (necklace-The 2 Bandits; bralet and shorts-Topshop; jacket-Own the Runway; sunglasses-Ebay; Sneakers-Boohoo)

 (hat-My Bob; shirt-Bleu Clothing; ring-Asos; bracelets-Valentino and Blue Nile; pants-3.1 Philip Lim; bag-Alexander Wang; sneakers-Ash)

Sk8r Kool
(top-Topshop; dungarees-New Look; sunglasses-Asos; bracelet-Jewel Rocks; longboard-West 49; Sneakers-Isabel Marant)


Miracle Eye Summer 2012: SEEK AND D-STROY

Clothing by: Miracle Eye 
Styling by: Everyone on set! 
Photo editing and slideshow by: Sophie 
Filming, editing, and directing by: Larissa 
Models: IsabelRachel, Brenna, Selena, and Diamond

Here are some of my favourite images from the new summer 2012 Miracle Eye lookbook called SEEK & D-STROY. As I mentioned in my last post, if you love handmade, unique, grungy pieces that are super affordable, you must must MUST check out Miracle Eye.


Zombie Face

 ^ I look like a zombie ^
Wearing: dress and vest-thrifted; wedges-C/O Milanoo; jewellery-all my mom's

The only con of summertime/hot/warm weather in general is that it's not comfortable to wear a jacket and I reeeeally love jackets. I suppose vests are the next best thing! Aaaand check out the new banner on my blog (over thataway <<<<). If you've never heard of Miracle Eye and you're a fan of really cool, really funky pieces handmade by really cool girls (Larissa of Velvet Codeiene to be exact), then you ought to check it out!

* Also, if you could vote for my friend Sarah's entry in the Modcloth Make The Cut contest I will be forever in debt!!! *

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Festival Style

Wearing: top-Katie; shorts, collar clips and sunglasses-thrifted; boots-Jeffrey Campbell; ring-Romwe

I am going to a small music festival tonight with some of my friends and this is what I'm going to wear. I'm not really big on the whole boho-hippie-fringey etc. thing lately, so I decided to stick with my usual edgy-ness. 
Speaking of Jeffrey Campbell...I could really use a pair of these right now...

Aaaaaand these...


Festival Street Style: Pitchfork 2012


These are some of the coolest outfits and such that I found while scavenging the interwebs for street style inspiration. I love the variety of styles and aesthetics showcased by these Pitchfork festival-goers! I'm especially loving the floral crown, studded fanny pack, sheer knotted dress and of course, those flippin' Frida socks! SUMMER HAS ONLY JUST BEGUN!

Obsession: Flatform Sneakers

1. Ego and Greed
2. Asos
3. Office
4. Asos
5. Buffalo
6. Office
7. Jeffrey Campbell
8. Superga
9. Asos

Love 'em or hate 'em?


Seafoam and Spikes

Wearing: bodysuit, trousers and belt-thrifted; heels-Guess; headband-C/O Oasap

I love this spiky headband from Oasap. It does a great job at holding back my crazy hair and it just plain looks really rad. I kind of feel like the statue of liberty, but I suppose that is a positive thing. 



Wearing: hat-H&M; dress and bustier(underneath)-thrifted; flatforms-Gap; ring-Romwe

The top button on this dress consistently pops open if I move my arms at all, so I decided to just leave it open and layer a bustier underneath. Who ever thought a bustier could make an outfit more modest? 

I am in audio heaven at the moment since a whole bunch of my favourite musicians are releasing singles at the moment. Here's the new Killers single called "Runaways." I am a huge sucker for the killers. Enjoy!


Only In My Dreams

Wearing: blazer, blouse and shorts-thrifted; clutch-C/O Milanoo; bracelet-mom's; sunglasses-Pure by Alfred Sung

Check out this cool new track by Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti!



Wearing: vest, shirt, shorts and ring-thrifted; shoes-C/O Milanoo; sunglasses-Pure by Alfred Sung; bracelets-mom's and gift


Carrot Top

Wearing: hat and top-H&M; pants-thrifted; wedges-C/O Milanoo; necklace-C/O Lylif; ring-Ardene

I spent the day looking at the new Fall 2012 couture collections from the runways of Paris and I decided to pretend that I was there...this is what I would have worn (front row at Chanel(duh)). Also, I'm going to see the new Spiderman movie with my friends and I wasn't planning on seeing it and I'm reeeeeealllllly sceptical because how can there be a female who isn't a redhead. That just throws me off. HOPEFULLY IT IS STILL GOOD. 
My hair looks super carrot top-y thanks to the rain/humidity. Ok.