Miracle Eye Summer 2012: SEEK AND D-STROY

Clothing by: Miracle Eye 
Styling by: Everyone on set! 
Photo editing and slideshow by: Sophie 
Filming, editing, and directing by: Larissa 
Models: IsabelRachel, Brenna, Selena, and Diamond

Here are some of my favourite images from the new summer 2012 Miracle Eye lookbook called SEEK & D-STROY. As I mentioned in my last post, if you love handmade, unique, grungy pieces that are super affordable, you must must MUST check out Miracle Eye.


  1. Definitely checking out Miracle Eye, these Lookbook images are so amazing!

    Pip x

  2. Oh Gaaah, all the prints and colours. I'm having a major inspiration overload..

  3. Larissa is the best, right? I am so unbelievably happy I got to be a part of this, and so ridiculously proud of my girl for making this magic happen. GO BUY MIRACLE EYE.

  4. Thank you so much for including my Miracle Eye lookbook! I truly appreciate it, Quinn.


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