My new found love (for pants)

          When my love of fashion first began (let's just assume it was around age 12) I was under the impression that in order to be "stylish" you had to wear mainly skirts and dresses (I think a lot of people were under the same impression at the tender age of 12). I certainly have more dresses and skirts (waaaaaay more) than I do pants and trousers, but recently I've come to a conclusion. What's that conclusion you may ask? Well, to put it in a nutshell, I've fallen madly and deeply in love with my sworn enemy-you guessed it! Its pants!
          I'm not 100% sure where my new found affection for pants has come from, but I've narrowed it down to three main sources. Read on if you'd like to find out what those 3 sources are!

1. The Prada F/W 2012-2013 RTW collection has shown me that pants can be fun! I'm a sucker for geometric prints and bold, clashing colours as well as over the top embellishment and that's exactly what this collection entails.  Miuccia's take on the suit; a menswear staple is nothing short of perfection.

  (Images via Vogue)

2. Leandra Medine (AKA The Man Repeller) is one of my favourite bloggers and one of my biggest sources of sartorial inspiration. Much like her personality, her style is quirky and fresh. She's not afraid to mix prints or pair two things together that might not seem quite right. She styles pants in a way that makes them interesting and the complete opposite of boring.

 (Images via The Man Repeller)

3. The sixties! Icons like George Harrison (my favourite Beatle), a more androgynous Twiggy and classic Jane Birkin all contribute to my love of pants!

 (Image sources unknown)

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  1. you're so incredibly beautiful!
    you're imaginative and bright,
    it makes me smile every night,
    let your light ignite <3


Thank you for your wonderful comments! I appreciate them and they make me smile!