Here's the Dilemma...

Hello everyone!

As you may or may have noticed, I haven't been posting frequently (at all). I'm not retiring this blog, I am simply informing my followers and anyone else who reads my blog, that this is the way it's going to be for quite some time. I started college at the beginning of September and I live in residence. The problem is that everyone who lives in residence has a weekly allowance of only 5GB of internet...let that sink in...to put it into plain terms, that is not a whole lot of internet. Blogging consumes a ton of that 5GB, which is why I've only been able to do 2 posts a week, tops. I'm thinking about possibly getting an external service provider (more GB) in the near future...but, for now I won't be posting frequently, which makes me sad. Please bear with me! I really appreciate all the love and support I've gotten from everyone who frequents my little bloggy!

xoxo, Quinn


  1. it's ok! good luck in your studies!


  2. Such a shame :( But I wish you the best with your studies!

  3. THEY LIMIT YOUR INTERNET!????? That. Is. Insane. What is this, 1994 and the World Wide Web is some newfangled thing for the kids? How do they even expect you to get work done? Online classes?
    Omg, sorry, I'm just like...wow.
    I hope you're able to figure it out xoxo


Thank you for your wonderful comments! I appreciate them and they make me smile!