What Dress Will Beyonce Wear to the Grammy Awards?

The one goddess of millions fans, a woman owns with extraordinary figures, wheat colored skin, hotty dancing style, perfect vocal. That’s her name, Beyonce!

A new live performance with her hot single “Crazy in Love” and “Baby Boy” at Super Bowl was dome toppled by audience with constant climate. It’s been a long while that I couldn’t draw myself out and I ascertain she will definitely success in encouraging a new round of R&B fashion trend.

Was her preheating activities gave a pertinent preparation for the 55th Grammy Award which is right the corner? The music academy awards which been imprinted the icon of American culture and the world's famous music stars are striving take pride in having one of Grammy Award trophies or even more. As one of Beyonce’s faithful fans, I’m full of admiring solicitude toward her, this year, I just couldn’t help thinking what kind of dress would she wear when attending the big event after winning the nomination of best traditional R&B performance based on her single “love on top”.The kind of dress could spot her unique voices and sexy figure?

The photo above was taken on the 52nd Grammy Awards Ceremony, and the dress is designed by Stephane Rolland, whom was born to the purple, elegance and noble exist in his blood, he likes to pour numerous fresh elements into his designs, which made his collection more fashionable. The plunging neckline champagne dress combines elegance with sexy, emphasizes her healthy, charming breast curve, nobody could even resist this choclolate brown-skin beauty’s glamour. Compared with last year, occasion dresses for 2013 present those trends below: 

1.Perspective element occasion dresses: Elie Saab's Spring 2013 collection is among Beyonce's favourites.
Elie Saab Spring 2012

 2. The long sleeve occasion dress: long sleeve occasion dresses are coming back, including several senior Ready-to-wear collections, in addition, half sleeve occasion dresses also very popular. 

Claudine for alyceparis 2013
  3. Hollow out clipping designs: many brands launching dresses with a designing of hollow out, especially pay close attention to back design. Furthermore, much more attention on the collar, shoulder, waist are keeping focused by designers.
Sherri Hill Spring 2013
4. Lace: lace element has been popular since last year. Sherill hill and allure has all launched a variety of lace style occasion dresses this year.
5. Feather style: this year, feather style is a little bit declined, but many brands, including sherri hill, jovani are launching feather style occasion dresses. The peacock feather create magnificent images.
6. Color: this spring, the colors in pop are emerald green, baltic, royal blue, red, orange etc.

The below photos show the trend of 2013 occasion dresses which we captured by different websites:

(Images: www.milanoo.com)

(Images: www.lightinthebox.com)
(Images: www.davidsbridal.com)

The designers of Milanoo.com focus on plunging neckline, hollow out clipping designs as well as mermaid elements while lightinthebox.com are keep preferring a design of lace to hollow out clipping. Their product expresses an elegance and noble; Davqidsbridal launched an array of mermaidy dresses which intend to emphasize women’s grace. All of those products are original design, but have different charisma. Then which occasion dress would Beyonce choose to attend the big event? Would it be the one combines plunging neckline, mermaid style, hollow out clipping designs and lace elements from Milanoo.com? Or it would be the one from Lightinthebox? Or from Davidsbrial which is known by United States citizens? Let’s wait and see and eagerly looking forward to our gorgeous Beyonce stunning on the 55th Grammy Awards Ceremony.

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  1. Love that first blue dress!

    xo Jennifer


  2. loving this quinn! I am so excited to see what she wears, I have a feeling that cutouts are gonna be all the buzz at these grammys so my money is on them!

    emma kathleen

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