Lula Magazine S/S 2013: Take My Love, Take It Down

(Images via Lula Magazine #16 Spring/Summer 2013)

It isn't often that I find an editorial as romantically wonderful as this one (seriously, it's now my desktop background). The spread is modeled by [faux] readhead Codie Young, shot by Damon Heath and styled by Leith Clark for Lula Magazine's Spring/Summer 2013 issue and charmingly titled, "Take My Love, Take It Down." I can't take my eyes off of this spread, probably because it's so genuinely whimsical and simply lovely. Everything from the hair (by Owen Gould) to the dramatic eye makeup (by Kristin Gallegos) to the silhouettes of the clothes oozes 1960's glamor/bohemian flower child and I can't get enough of it!

You can view the rest of the editorial here.  


  1. amazing choices of photos :) beautiful!


  2. Amazing editorial

    xo Jennifer


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  4. This editorial is amazing, really love the coat on the first picture!

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  5. holy god, this is lovely. I can't stop scrolling through these photos. everything is perfect. thanks for sharing this :)



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