I'm Baaaaack//Trouble Will Find Me

 hat-H&M; blazer, shirt and booties-thrift; cords-RW&CO
(I'm not nearly as pissed off in real life as I look in this photo/I'm not pissed off at all...)

I'm pretty sure that I'm back to blogging for a month at least (sounds promising, right?). I finished a year of college at the end of April and headed to Milan about a week later and worked as a model for two months. I've been back in Canada for a month, now and I'm currently modeling in Toronto and thought I'd do some blogging because I miss it and I finally have time!

I guess I'd attribute the inspiration for this outfit to both Jack White and Nick Cave, even though it was put together without either in mind. It's been stupidly cold-ish (aka 14-23 degrees Celsius, but to a person with horrible circulation, it feels more like -2 degrees), so I can comfortably wear jackets! Sadly, I had to replace my old favourite black blazer with this one because she's literally fallen to pieces. R.I.P.


  1. Perfect hat!

    xo Jennifer


  2. Welcome back! and I love your look :)



  3. Quinn!!! I'm so happy you're back! Thats awesome news that you've been modelling so much, i'm really happy for you <3 please please please! do many many outfit post because i love them so much <3

    (i'll stop sounding stalkerish now)

  4. You look so cool with Jack White and Nick Cave.


  5. I love how this outfit is feminine and masculine at the same time. It looks lovely on you.



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