A Quick Update

I'm considering returning to this blog as a means to express myself artistically, once again. I miss writing and recording my thoughts, to be honest. It seems a little bit self-absorbed, in a way, but it is also very therapeutic.

I don't think I'll be posting about my outfits anymore, as my personal style has kind of plateaued into something that may be considered far less interesting than it used to be. Fashion and art are still two of my main interests, but my time has been focused on other things, lately.

My relationship with fashion is a complicated one. I guess that the only way I can think to explain it is one of love/hate. I find that my values don't always line up with the industry. Fashion can be selfish, cruel, soul crushing, and even devastating at times, but it can also bring so much joy and hope to one's life.

I feel like we are in a time where self-expression is hard to come by and where self-expression requires an amount of effort that is sometimes exhausting. At this point in time I am happy to be in the comfort of the background.

I'm not really sure what this post is about. If anyone who used to read my blog views this post, they may recall that I was always a rambler, so maybe that's exactly what this is?

Anyway, Cheers!

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  1. "I find that my values don't always line up with the industry." This! This resonates with me so much. It's a good time to make some changes and stay creative though, I'm doing the same thing. I look forward to your posts!



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