How To: Stay Warm Without Sacrificing Style

(Starting from the top left: Alexander McQueen, Rupert Sanderson, Saint Laurent, Balmain, GSIX, Balenciaga)
I don't know about you, but I'm tired of seeing plain-old, lace-up, black leather combat boots and those knee-high equestrian boots everywhere/on everyone...boring. What I look for in a boot is equal parts style, functionality, and funkiness. I like looking like I just stepped off the runway, but also like I could kick ass and take names, ya dig?
(Starting from the top left: Stella Jean, PINGHE, Windsmoor, ChicNova, Pull and Bear)
I feel like this one's a no brainer, but it's come to my attention that really cool, colourful coats are kind of hard to come by. The market is flooded with neutral-toned, button-up, and double-breasted coats, making statement coats a difficult find. I tend to go for more subdued tones, but I like a good plaid, long coat, if I can get my hands on one.
(From the top left: Markus Lupfer, Dlux, Pringle of Scotland, Givency, Missoni)
The beanie most likely takes the cake for most popular cold-weather fashion accessory, but I find it's become tired...uninspired, too. Sure, displaying phrases on your noggin like 'dope,' or 'I woke up like this,' and telling the world to 'comme des fuckdown' using your forehead was pretty cool at first, but the reference has kind of lost its relevance at this point. I'd rather opt for something chunky, patterned, colourful, or downright unusual (maybe a combination) instead.


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